The Mexican company Top Energy and the European Union company SolarCleano, have formed an alliance as business partners thanks to the Low Carbon Business Action program and the European Union.

Reducing water consumption

As part of the activities of the LCBA Mexico initiative, Top Energy found an innovative technology from the European Union company Solar Cleano, which responded to the company's needs.

This solution consists of a robot that cleans the solar panels while reducing water consumption by 100% using a dry cleaning technology: "The panels can lose up to 30% of their performance if they are not cleaned regularly.SolarCleano makes it possible to restore 100% of the capacity of solar installations, reducing man hours and water consumption."

This is a great example for all Mexican companies that, conscious of the importance of carrying out actions in favor of sustainability, and towards a circular economy, have taken advantage of the benefits offered by the LCBA Mexico program.




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