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What is the LCBA Seal?                                 

The LCBA Seal certifies that a specific project has fulfilled all the sustainability conditions assessed throughout the LCBA programme according to an independent expert committee that measures and confirms the positive environmental, economic and social impact of the project.

The Seal is a way of recognising the efforts and steps taken by companies
which are part of this initiative, towards a more sustainable future. It
represents a vision of a sustainability pathway based on continuous
improvement and shared responsibility between companies.

The LCBA Seal is offered on voluntary basis only to EU-Mexican business partnerships that have already turned into Legally Binding Contracts. It certifies that the partners are committed to sustainable business practices and that the project has been awarded with Technical Assistance funded by the European Union.


Express your interest     

If you are working on or have already signed a legally binding agreement with a business partner in Mexico and/or the EU, you may express your interest in the LCBA Seal by sending an email to mexico@lowcarbonbusinessaction.eu




Eligibility criteria

There are two eligibility criteria to be awarded the LCBA Seal: 

1. Submit a copy of the legally binding contract signed with a Mexican or European partner under the LCBA programme. E.g., copy of a purchase order, joint venture agreement, distribution agreement...The LCBA sworn statement can be used as an alternative if you do not wish to share the original agreement.

2. Participate in the LCBA Mexico impact assessment: an EU-funded coaching session run by our ESG experts to assess the environmental, social and financial impact of your partnership. Your coach will be setting a baseline of tailored KPIs and metrics to track the impact of your project over time.

You may send us an email to mexico@lowcarbonbusinessaction.eu or click the button below to express your interest 

Once these two conditions are filled, you will receive the LCBA certification letter for the use of the Seal.

What are the advantages of using the LCBA Seal?

The LCBA Seal:

  • Certifies the positive environmental impact of the project, according to
    estimated values of emission reduction, waste reduction or renewable energy produced detailed in the certification letter provided by LCBA
  • Can build the reputation of your project and your business
  • Gives an opportunity to your project to attract other investments on local, regional, national, and international level

To ensure that the LCBA Seal is never compromised, it should stand alone and have no element competing (text, graphics or images). The Seal should never be displayed in a position where it could be confused with a company name or in any way that implies endorsement of initiatives not applicable to the LCBA project. For more information on how to use the LCBA Seal you can download our full user guide.