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VEMO testimonial


is a Mexican company with an integrated and innovative model, committed to accelerating clean mobility in Mexico and Latin America.  With the backing of Riverstone Holdings and from the merger of four companies specialized in mobility, they have been able to bring together years of experience, as well as unique technical and operational capabilities.

The company seeks to decarbonize mobility, hand in hand with leading organizations, governments and individuals involved in the transportation and logistics industries in Mexico and the rest of the region. It promotes a better quality of urban life through streets with less noise, cleaner air, access to more comfortable travel, and high-impact sustainable employment. 

Vemo has created an integrated model with tailor-made solutions for e-mobility that combine charging infrastructure, clean mobility vehicles and specialized monitoring technology.

Dr. Yolanda Villegas Chief Legal, Compliance and Institutional Relations Officer

"In LCBA we have found an optimal actor to reinforce our commitment to accelerate clean mobility in Mexico and Latin America. For VEMO, it is a priority to generate benefits to society as a whole by offering environmentally responsible clean mobility technologies. Together with LCBA, we will continue to add innovative technological solutions to our portfolio." 

Email: mexico@lowcarbonbusinessaction.eu

Website: mexico.lowcarbonbusinessaction.eu