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The International Mother Earth Day, established by the United Nations every 22 April, is commemorated. On the occasion of this day, the Merida City Council inaugurates an advisory committee for the sustainability of Merida, Lexmark (Juarez) progresses on its path towards carbon neutrality by 2035 and Schneider Electric Mexico underlines the relevance of embracing Electricity 4.0 as a key axis of action to achieve a sustainable, efficient and resilient future. In addition, Avocados From Mexico announces its recent commitment to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, becoming the first agricultural association in Mexico to join the Mexican Network of the United Nations Global Compact. L'Oréal Groupe, in the framework of its 60th anniversary in Mexico, reiterates its commitment to creating beauty that moves the world at all levels: for the planet, for the products it provides to its consumers and for people. The economist points out Mexico's progress in sustainable real estate development, and advances in the electric mobility sector are showcased by Italika and Mercado Libre.


Merida's City Hall takes another step towards sustainability in the municipality

The City Council installed the Advisory Council for Sustainability in the Municipality of Mérida, Yucatan, where society and government fulfil their task of building a city based on sustainability and the care of its natural resources to guarantee a harmonious future, assured Mayor Renán Barrera Concha.

In presiding over the Council session, the Mayor informed that the collaborative work allows Merida to continue working on the implementation of actions that help mitigate climate change, protect and preserve the natural resources of the municipality, so that Meridanos and future generations can enjoy a suitable environment for their development, health and wellbeing.

In her speech, Diana González Toledo, State Coordinator of the 2030 Agenda, acknowledged the work and coordination that the City Council maintains with citizens to follow up and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, which allows to combat climate change and strengthen the care and preservation of the natural resources of the Municipality.


Lexmark seeks carbon neutrality through sustainability actions

As part of Lexmark's sustainability initiative, and in celebration of Earth Day 2022, the first day of the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, Lexmark's team members will take part in a number of actions and implement plans designed to improve the environment in which employees live and work.

Specifically, in the Ciudad Juárez campus, the company will invest efforts to educate and raise awareness among employees about environmental care.


Electricity 4.0 as a fundamental element for a more electric and sustainable world

Schneider Electric is conscious of the energy sector's impact on carbon emissions and emphasises the importance of embracing Electricity 4.0 as a key driver for a sustainable, efficient and resilient future that benefits both people and the planet. Electricity 4.0 is a fundamental element because it represents the evolution towards a new, more electric and digital world, the manufacturer explained.

"Electricity 4.0 involves the digitalisation of energy through technology, ranging from the use of smart machines, driven by the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), through cloud computing networks, to Artificial Intelligence, supported by smart devices, applications, analytics and software. Thanks to this, energy becomes visible, connected, intelligent and controlled," said Jesús Carmona, president and CEO of Schneider Electric Mexico and Central America, on the occasion of International Mother Earth Day.


Avocados from Mexico announces its commitment to the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

In celebration of Earth Day, Avocados From Mexico has announced its recent commitment to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a strong devotion that shows the organisation's sustainability dedication to the planet and desire to invest in a better tomorrow. Within 13,000 signatory entities in more than 170 countries, the Association of Avocado Exporting Producers and Packers of Mexico (APEAM) is becoming the first ever agricultural association in Mexico to join the United Nations Global Compact Mexican Network aligning its strategies and operations with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

"In celebration of Earth Day, we are proud to be the first agricultural association in Mexico to sign the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This commitment shows how dedicated we are to continue our environmental initiatives in our everyday practices because we know that what you sow, you reap." explains Miguel Barcenas, Head of Marketing for Avocados From Mexico international markets.


Carbon neutrality by 2030 with L'Oréal Groupe Mexico

L'Oréal Groupe reaffirms its commitment to creating beauty that moves the world at all levels: for the planet, for the products it provides to its consumers and for people.

The company is committed to protecting the beauty of the environment, fighting climate change, respecting biodiversity and preserving natural resources through L'Oréal For the Future, a programme that embodies its ambition towards a time-bound sustainable transformation by 2030.


Mexico Advances in the development of sustainable and sustainable infrastructures

In the real estate sector, there are a set of parameters that measure the efficiency of resource use, energy savings and even comfort and healthy conditions for users. By complying with the established standards, buildings can achieve certifications, among the most recognised of which are LEED and well.

In Mexico, there are currently close to 2,000 LEED-certified commercial buildings, representing 32.5 million square metres of gross rentable area. These sustainable buildings bring economic benefits to the areas where they are constructed, as they improve their added value and their habitability by a large proportion.


Electromobility: present and future of motorised vehicles

As part of World Earth Day (22 April), ITALIKA celebrates the planet by promoting the transition to the electric motorbike, an effective and efficient means of transport that will revolutionise our journeys for the benefit of the planet and the sustainable development of future generations.

According to the company, Mexico has a vehicle fleet of more than 40 million cars, so using an electric vehicle that generates zero emissions is a fundamental step in our travel habits, which points in the right direction towards a sustainable future.

Along these lines, Mercado Libre, the leading e-commerce company in Mexico and Latin America, has recently added 150 electric vans to its fleet in Mexico. The company is aware that it has a key role to play in the transformation of the logistics industry and that we must be increasingly responsible for understanding our environmental footprint as we grow in order to reduce it.

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