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KFG EnviroSmart Solutions testimonial


KFG EnviroSMART Solutions is an engineering, technology and social innovation agency focused on issues related to environment, renewable energy, sustainability, project management, wastewater management and continuous online training.

The company aims to implement circular economy principles and contribute to the development of smart, resilient and sustainable communities in the Latin American and Caribbean region. At the heart of KFG’s efforts are the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, which invite all countries to rise to the changing needs of the planet and its environment. 

"Excellent platform to contact European companies in the environmental sector. The 1:1 meeting system in B2B format is pragmatic and efficient", Dr. Ing. Kristy Peña Muñoz, CEO at KFG EnviroSMART Solutions

Email: mexico@lowcarbonbusinessaction.eu

Website: mexico.lowcarbonbusinessaction.eu