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Janitza & their energy monitoring solution impact


As a top global player in the food and beverages sector, our customer was looking for a comprehensive energy monitoring solution, including energy management and power quality, for one of their soft drink factories in Spain.

One of the pre-requisites was to be able to monitor the quality of the incoming power at the PCC (Point of Common Coupling), that is the main connection where the utility delivers the energy to the factory.

The customer had experienced problems in the past with the quality of the power delivered, which had caused damages to their machinery and had led to stoppage of production. The result was unwarranted high costs owing to loss of profit, maintenance, cleaning and re-starting of the production line.


By means of the unique 3-in-1 advantage of Janitza’s solution, the customer was able to not just monitor the quality of power, but also combine it with a complete EPMS (Electrical Power Management System), thus gaining full visibility into their energy consumption. All forms of energy consumed could be collected in a single system (including water and gas) using Janitza devices as gateways.

The solution consisted of approximately 60 devices by Janitza, including four different types of network analysers and data loggers to collect external readings, and the Janitza Energy Management Software GridVis®. Janitza developed a customised solution, including software programs loaded in the devices, to comply with specific intelligent functions and enable automatic generation of specific reports.


The customer benefited through:

  • Full transparency into the quality of the power developed by the utility at the PCC
  • Full transparency into the usage of the energy (electrical, water and gas) through the factory
  • Allocation of costs to the right cost centres in the factory
  • Customer-specific automatisation functions carried out by Janitza smart network analysers, including triggering (through digital outputs) of specific loads to reduce over-currents, smoothen out energy peaks and compensate reactive power at need
  • Automatic generation of specific power quality and energy management reports on a weekly basis to get a transparent view of factory energy usage at a glance
  • Specific visualisation (dashboards) offering real-time, user-friendly visualisation of consumption and costs at a glance

The stated benefits helped the customer to optimise their energy usage and enhance the lifetime of their equipment, in addition to reducing their carbon footprint, in line with the company’s green energy initiatives.

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