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Recilogic, monetizing industrial waste


Recilogic Industrial Company is focussed on helping companies to generate environmental, financial and operational benefits through the services it provides. Green profit, smart tracking, scrap reengineering, EPR certification, smart recovery are some of the many services this 22-year-old company provides within this segment.

The company also raises awareness and educates companies about the importance of safeguarding the environment, promoting the reuse of products, resources and materials in order to minimise waste generation and keep them within the economy for as long as possible.

"We have participated in the different stages of the LCBAM project, having approached different companies. We are currently coordinating activities to develop a project to generate green hydrogen from biomass with the support of European and Mexican companies."

Carlos Villegas, Innovation and Development

Email: mexico@lowcarbonbusinessaction.eu

Website: mexico.lowcarbonbusinessaction.eu