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FlexSol solutions: advanced solar power


Lighting up lives with solar energy and advanced innovations

FlexSol Solutions is a Dutch high-tech company specialized in designing, developing and producing advanced solar technology. Ten years ago, the founder of FlexSol invented a unique technology to curve highly efficient monocrystalline silicon solar cells.

This patented technique has been integrated in a range of solar-powered products, including the Soluxio solar light pole. Soluxio is 100% solar powered and is installed all around the world, from cold and snowy Finland to the sunny Caribbean.

The Soluxio solar streetlight is an aesthetically pleasing solar streetlight which works completely autonomous. This means it works 100% on solar power and it does not need to be connected to the power grid. The integrated cylindrical solar modules are made of monocrystalline PV cells and have an efficiency of over 23%.

Next to its elegant design, Soluxio stands out from other solar streetlights because of its advanced and incomparable solar technology. For example, all Soluxio solar poles are 4G/LTE connected. This makes it possible to remotely monitor the performance of your Soluxio. Therefore, asset management has never been easier.

Over the years the Soluxio solar light pole has evolved from a solar light pole to a multipurpose solar system. Besides lighting, you can also use the Soluxio solar pole for WiFi solutions, connectivity, surveillance cameras, smart city sensors and much more. Below you can find some interesting Soluxio use cases!

1. Smart solar poles in marina in the Cayman Islands

Soluxio’s advanced technology brings illumination and connectivity together in one solar pole. These Soluxio Connect solar poles were designed and installed for a big internet service provider in the Cayman Islands. The great thing about these solar poles is that they provide both light while working as a WiFi range extender at the same time. Additionally, the light fixture illuminates an amber-coloured light with longer wavelengths. This makes the light less troublesome for sea turtles.

When there is no internet connection available, the Soluxio Connect can transmit WiFi wirelessly with a 4G cellular mobile router. In order to realise the WiFi range extender, an access point is placed on top of the solar columns. This access point (AP) connects with a fully integrated Power over Ethernet Injector (PoE+) which is optimised by FlexSol. 

These poles have been installed on coastal boardwalks. Soluxio is designed for marina environments and can withstand heavy wind loads. These poles in the Cayman Islands are equipped with a flanged base plate, so they are easy to install on the jetties. The LED fixtures emit amber coloured light, which is less disruptive for the nocturnal animals in comparison to normal street lighting.

Check out more details and pictures here

2. Smart solar lighting at tech campus in Texas, USA

Soluxio solar-powered street lighting is perfect for off-grid locations, but also for providing power to smart city applications. In this specific case, the smart solar lighting solution is illuminating the IoT lab of Fujitsu Network Communications in Texas, USA. Fujitsu is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, and deploys IoT and smart city systems worldwide. 

Fujitsu integrated its own IoT-based technology with FlexSol's smart solar solutions. This resulted in a completely autonomous smart solution, where each of the Soluxio solar lights is connected to Fujitsu's online platform. The poles can be connected to any smart city platform by using FlexSol’s API. The advanced monitoring functionalities make it easy to manage and monitor installations worldwide.

Soluxio P220 | A5 solar poles were installed and each of these 5-metre long columns are equipped with two cylindrical solar panels that provide energy for the smart light fixtures. The integrated PoE+ injector is used to power the security cameras. 

Soluxio is a good example of how clever design can improve the liveability of cities and towns. It can enhance public environments by powering sensors, traffic cameras and gunshot detectors for example. The solar poles can also provide charging points and extend public WiFi.


3. Decorative solar streetlights near Boston, USA

20 Soluxio solar streetlights were installed in the town of Topsfield, a suburb of Boston. The solar light poles have got a unique look with the black solar panel, decorative ornaments and a traditional luminaire. Since the cylindrical solar panel is black in colour, the panel is barely visible. The aluminium columns have a glossy black finish which pairs well with the black solar panels. The flower basket, decorative ornaments and stylish light fixture give these Soluxio solar decorative streetlights an aesthetic appeal, much different from the modern look of regular solar-powered poles. 

With Soluxio, customization is easy. For example, you can pick your own color and luminaire. Soluxio is a light fixture independent device, and most luminaries are easily compatible with the Soluxio system. In this case, the decorative fixtures were sourced locally. Installation of the Soluxio street lighting solution can be customised entirely depending on the soil type of the locality. In Topsfield, direct burial poles were used. The traditional cladding was attached to the bottom part of the pole.

The Soluxio streetlights in Topsfield are a great example of how beautiful solar energy can look!

For more information and other projects, please visit https://soluxio.lighting/ or https://flexsolsolutions.com/

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