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Smart, safe and sustainable mobility with Aleatica


Founded in 2018, Aleatica operates with the mission to offer safe and sustainable mobility solutions, supported by cutting-edge technology, that anticipate users' needs. They are a pure transport infrastructure operator, exclusively focused on the design and operation of highways and other mobility assets in Europe and Latin America.

The company seeks to develop and operate intelligent transportation solutions, in line with national and international standards, that exceed user and stakeholders’ expectations and contribute to the sustainable development of planet earth.

"LCBA is a great opportunity to meet first hand European companies that offer innovative, creative, technological and aesthetic services, products and solutions to implement measures to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and energy efficiency. 

It is our duty as private companies to do our part in reducing global warming and contribute to generate a sustainable environmental, social and business development. Getting to know these innovative companies and acquiring these types of solutions - whenever feasible - is one way of doing so."

 Vanessa Silveyra de la Garza, Global Director of Sustainability and Customer Service

Email: mexico@lowcarbonbusinessaction.eu 

Website: mexico.lowcarbonbusinessaction.eu