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Odyssee Environement, water systems treatment at your service


Water — the essence of life

Water as a resource is integral to the survival of any society or economy. With diverse applications in the domestic and industrial sphere, water is even more vital due to its limited nature. It is thus essential that the water discharged into the environment must cause no harm as it is limited to quantities governed by conservation laws and the natural water cycle.


ODYSSEE Environnement® — Water protection at your service

Specialising in water system treatments and catering to industries that use water in their daily processes, Requeil, France-based ODYSSEE has come a long way since its inception as a start-up company in 2006. The company is dedicated to protecting the environment; saving, safeguarding, cleaning and optimizing water systems and helping companies overcome challenges related to the natural incompatibility of metals and water in hydraulic systems. Backed by strong research and development (R&D) skills, excellent product expertise and advanced technology, our water technicians ensure they help ODYSSEE’s clients protect their systems and optimise performance, while saving water and energy.


Case study: Cardboard steam boiler treatment

Location: Eloyes, France

The challenge: International packaging company, DS Smith, wanted to treat its cardboard steam boiler using a product that would protect all its components (tank, boiler, steam lines, etc.), even though the steam was being directly reinjected into the boiler (almost 100% recovered condensate. The Quality Department also wanted the product to be NSF-certified.

The resolution: ODYSSEE’s eco-friendly ODYVAP VA 30 was the answer to DS Smith’s challenge. A specialised biodegradable product with NSF G6 certification (all food contact), ODYVAP VA 30 was injected into the boiler feed water tank to protect the tank, the boiler and the condensate return lines. The product eliminated the need to manage the recovered condensate, the injections being proportional to the softened feed water.

The results: Feed water consumption went down significantly as a result of using ODYVAP VA 30. This is what Pascal Anton, Director of Production, has to say about the product:
 "Using ODYVAP VA 30 has helped us get ahead of the competition, while maintaining a high-performance technical and economic balance."



Case study: Aluminium mould plastic injection

Location: More than 30 sites in France

The challenge: A plastic bottle manufacturer, producing more than 15 million bottles per day, faced a common challenge troubling most players in the sector — that of cooling of aluminium moulds and prevention of mould corrosion. The moulds can be quite expensive — between €10K and €100K) and spoilage due to corrosion tends to cause major economic setbacks, in addition to technical and operational difficulties.

The resolution: ODYSSEE ran an extensive round of tests and came up with the ODYTHERM FS 500 plastic injection solution. The inhibitors used in ODYTHERM’s formulation protect the mould walls through the adsorption of a monomolecular film, which prevents contact between the water and the metal surfaces of the system, without disrupting heat exchanges. ODYTHERM FS 500 is well suited to closed circuits that contain sections in aluminium or aluminium alloy, buffering the pH at 7.2 to 8.2. 

The results: The ODYTHERM FS 500 solution, based on polyphosphonates and alkalising amines, helped the client to bring the observed mould corrosion under control, enabling protection of the systems and energy saving.


Case study: Industrial waste incineration high-pressure steam boiler

Location: Lyon, France

The challenge: The client operated an environmentally classified facility specialising in the heat treatment of waste with energy recovery. In a bid to improve processes, the client was looking for an effective solution for:

  • the total protection of its facilities;
  • control of pH levels and silica doses at each step of the steam process;
  • the elimination of organic deposits; and
  • one that would fit into its budget constraints.

The resolution: ODYSSEE provided its specialised product, ODYVAP VA 31, to be injected proportionally into the makeup system. Completely organic, ODYVAP VA 31 does not increase the water’s salinity, but improves the heat exchanges and eliminates priming. 

The results: ODYVAP VA 31 is part of the fourth generation of 100% organic formulas that offer better quality control over finished goods and optimised solutions. 100% aligned with the client’s requirement, the solution offered ease and safety of application. Combined with its anti-corrosion protection, the product’s ability to ensure the right pH levels, control silica doses and reduce existing deposits made it a sure winner for the client.


Case study: Sugar refinery – Potato starch cooling tower

Location: Marne region, France

The challenge: The third largest European player in the starch and sugar sector, the client saw their plant’s water loop switching to reverse-osmosis water due to changes implemented in the production techniques. This resulted in a lack of raw water in direct proximity to the client’s cooling towers.
In this scenario, the client needed either a new insulated, traced raw water distribution line, installed overhead and over a long distance (more than 700 metre or 2,300 feet), or a technique for feeding the reverse-osmosis water into the towers.  

The resolution: ODYSSEE offered the client ODYREF A 91 — a simple, complete solution that provides excellent anti-corrosion protection, combined with highly effective dispersant cleaning power. ODYREF A 91 is well suited to semi-open circuits containing aluminium and galvanised steel and is supplied strictly with softened and/or reverse-osmosis water.

The results: ODYREF A 91 enabled the client to:

  • significantly increase concentration ratio from 3 to 5-6, without however going as high as 10-11;
  • reduce water consumption by 50%, from 13,500 m3 over 110 days to 8,000 m3 over 140 days of operations;
  • control the risk of legionella;
  • implement an immediate solution requiring no construction work;
  • eliminate a risky chemical process that regulated water pH levels through acidification (H2SO4);
  • achieve a clean tower, thanks to a combination of reverse-osmosis feed water and treatment with ODYREF A 91 that eliminates deposits; and
  • maintain good anti-corrosion protection.

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